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8 Ball Pool – The exciting billiard variant

8 Ball Pool

8-Ball Billard is a particularly exciting billiard variant. 8-Ball Billard is often referred to as an 8-Ball Pool Billiard, because this special billiard variant is played at the Pool billard table. This game classic is played with 15 color balls and a white billiard ball. The special feature of this 8-ball billiards variant is that the billiard balls with the numbers 1 to 7 are completely colored. The remaining billiard balls with the numbers 9 to 15 are white balls, which are provided with a color strip. The colored balls are also referred to as the ‘full’ and the other balls as the ‘half’. This allows the billiards of the free games to distinguish which ball has to be played. 8-Ball Pool Billard is offered in the Internet as an exciting online variant. Here two online players compete against each other at a virtual pool billiard table. In this online version of the 8-Ball Pool Billiards, the game length can be determined in advance by the number of points to be reached. A game up to a score of one, two, three or five points is possible.

8-Ball Billiards Online – The Game Rules

At the beginning of each 8-ball Billiard Browser is determined first by ejecting which online player starts the game. If the game goes through several rounds, the losers of the previous round will always begin in the following rounds.

During the course of the game, the two players in the 8-ball pool try to sink their own colour balls, i.e. the full or half balls, in turn. After all the balls of the “own” variety have been sunk, the black Eight is sunk at the end. With 8 Ball Pool Hack generator, each player is on the train as long as he can sink at least one ball with each push.

The control is very easy to handle with the online variant of 8-ball pool billiards through the various functions. One of the functions is the Ghost ball, which indicates where the white ball will hit. The fine adjustment can also be used to refine the firing direction, and the respective shock strength can be adjusted steplessly. Free games can be played at any time, because players will find themselves almost at all times of the day and night.