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Small Garage

5 Steps to Park a Car in a Small Garage

You have a car with a size big enough but has a narrow garage? Of course not as easy as if you have a large car garage, if there is a little mistake then the result will be fatal like crashing wall, car body etched, rear view mirror broken, and so on.

As a parking management company that has been established for more than 7 years, we certainly have a lot of experience, especially in addressing the problem of parking in a narrow place. Here are some parking tips in the narrow garage put forward.

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5 Ways to Park Your Car in a Small Garage

Small Garage

  • The first thing to be aware of when parking a car into a narrow garage is that the rider must really have strong instincts and sensitivity. Why so? because you are required to estimate the distance of the car body, right and left side and front and rear in order to reach a narrow garage space.
  • Then the riders must also keep attention and alert to the circumstances around when starting to park the car like a trash can, walls, etc. Do not just focus on a single point!
  • If it is difficult and was was to estimate an uncertain distance then you can use “Parking Target” which is the limiting tool when parking. This tool is like the one in the parking buildings of the shopping center that serves as a barrier to the car does not excessive when parking. You can also use other delimiters such as wooden beams with a size large enough, or a barrel of plastic.
  • Pay attention to the rear view mirror to help you estimate the range of your car with the garage.
  • The next tip is to install the camera behind the car. Installation of these additional accessories will be very helpful at all when you are backing down to put the car into the garage. You can monitor the space conditions and estimate the distance through the monitor in the car.

Now you no longer have to park your vehicle outside the home. In addition to triggering the occurrence of crime such as theft, it will also affect the damage to your car such as paint that is easily faded, dull and easily exposed to dust.