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A Brief Guide to Genting Highland Malaysia


Genting Highland Malaysia is the perfect destination for those who want to have perfect entertainment while traveling to Malaysia. Located on 1760 meters above the sea level highland and has been well-managed with kinds of entertainment types, it is called as the City of Entertainment by most people. The casinos offered here become the only place where gambling is legal. And there are kinds of other entertainment that make it as a perfect getaway to get entertained.

Activities in Genting Highland Malaysia

As Genting Highland Malaysia has the cool temperature between 16 and 24 degrees, it also becomes a favorite destination for Malaysian to cool down from the Kuala Lumpur heat. As a center of entertainments, enjoying them are the main activities had on the highland. The visitors can enjoy the games at the casinos. For those who come with kids, you can bring them playing in the outdoor and indoor amusement parks (the biggest one in Malaysia) or get wet in the water park. Genting Highland also has the First Class Plaza where you can enjoy shopping and eat favorite meals at the restaurants. Besides, it also commonly becomes the place where international stars performing the concert.

Genting Highland Accommodation

As one of the best entertainment centers in the country, Genting Highland Malaysia must provide numerous hotels from the standard to the luxurious hotels such as Maxims Genting Hotel, First World Hotel, Awana Genting Resort, Theme Park Hotel and Genting Permai Resort.

How to Get to Genting Highlands Malaysia

The Genting Highland location is in the north of Kuala Lumpur. It is only about one hour by car. You can choose to take a taxi (RM 100/ one way) or rent a car. Whilst public buses depart to Genting Highlands every day. The bus is the cheapest transportation to the highland, only RM 10/ person for one way. Get the bus at the KL Sentral, Puduraya, Pasar Rakyat, 1Utamaand at the Terminal Putra LRT station. The bus will stop at the food of the highland and then you will climb up the highland by Genting Skyway cable car. Meanwhile, those who drive a car can drive up to reach the hotel building.

Therefore, Genting Highlands Malaysia is a great destination to go if you want to have amazing entertainment every day and in every place. The little Las Vegas must be worth to visit. Don’t forget to book your flight tickets in advance, especially when you plan to trip in a high season.