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Suspension And Legs toyota yaris heykers

To provide excellent comfort do not forget Toyota equip its new car with some determinants of comfort. one satuny is by pinning the suspension system with MacPhersion strut type with coil spring and stabilizer for the front, coupled with the rear suspension using suspension system Torsion beam with coil spring and stabilizer. besides being believed to withstand vibrations well both these suspensions also have a good performance when the car is in full or full weight.

Priced with the Toyota Yaris Heykers price above $14k is definitely this car is equipped with many safety features best, just look at the already used type of ABS braking on each wheels are supported by the use of disc type 15 inch disc on the front, while for the rear brake of this car also equipped with 14-inch disc brakes are located on wheels measuring 195/50 with R16-sized wheels. in addition to the added also with the steering system type Rack & Pinion which increasingly adds comfort in accelerated using the Toyota Yaris yaris heykers fiture

With an expensive price is already certain Toyota Yaris Heykers is equipped with features that sngat good, As in the security sector where it is equipped dual airbag on the front where this feature is very helpful if there is a collision and will provide good protection on the rider of the impact, it’s to make it easier for my friend to park his vehicle do not forget Toyota equip his car with parking sensors on the back, although not yet have a parking camera but with the parking sensor has been sensed parking is very helpful.

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In addition to keeping the car from the risk of losing Toyota Yaris Heykers also been equipped with Immobiliser Engine that makes my friend comfortable leaving his car parked, besides mandatory features such as ABS, and Front Impact Beam also complement the car. the existence of engine features stop button is also increasingly saving fuel consumption, in addition there are also features such as Power Outlet, Navigation LCD Player and also some mandatory features in the car such as the AC, Audio, Auto Spion and much more.