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8 Features iPhone X Cheating Android

Apple officially announced the presence of iPhone X in an event held on Tuesday (09/12/2017) at Steve Jobs Theater, campus Apple Park, Cupertino, United States.

As a marker of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, of course iPhone X brings a number of new innovations that had not previously been in the iPhone line.

The design also looks different than the previous products, with a part of the screen that is almost without a frame and glass-coated back. read: iPhone X Specification

Even so, some of the innovations brought by the iPhone X is actually not new, but it has been present before in Android phones. Also visit:

What are the features in the iPhone X cheats Android smartphone smartphone? Listed in the list that KompasTekno summarized from Tech Radar, Wednesday (13/09/2017) following.iphone 8 realase

1. Face scanner

In addition to fingerprints, later popular faces are used as biometric keys to secure the device. Face scanning technology has been applied in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus that glide in March 2017.

Microsoft also has come to apply similar technology in the realm of desktop through Windows Hello for laptop users.

Apple’s face-scanning technology should be more advanced, as it is backed by RealFace’s biometric security firm earlier this year, but its cleverness to recognize faces remains to be tested.

2. Glass-lined back

Apple popularized the trend of smartphones with metal-based shells, but this manufacturer is not the first time lining the back of a cell phone with glass. Android LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy series had already adopted it.

This design is not without its weakness. In addition to vulnerable scratched, the back of a glass-coated smartphones are also easy to get dirty smudged user’s fingerprints.

3. Wireless charging and fast charging

These two features have become the mainstream menu among Android smartphones. Apple finally joined in and applied a similar technology on the iPhone X.

Wireless charging is practical and simple, because it does not use a cable that connects directly to the device. Meanwhile, fast charging shorten the time required to charge the battery.

4. Bezel less screen

Xiaomi Mi Mix that glide last year appear surprising because it carries the concept of display bezel less. However, in fact a similar concept has already been shown Sharp through Aquos series in 2014.