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How To Remove Credit Card From iPhone

Some of those friends you know might frantically want to learn how to remove credit card from iPhone. It is totally understandable, as Apple gives direct access for its users to several paid stores. Setting everything within your palm is great and too risky at the same time. Some blacklisted persons might snatch your iPhone information.

How to Remove Credit Card from iPhone

Once you input your credit card information to the phone, several applications in the phone would be automatically connected to the setting. The first step on how to remove credit card from iphone includes checking your Apple ID setting. It is the very first control room you should visit.

Tap on the “App Store” icon and allow the program to launch. Scroll the screen until you hit the bottom of the screen. You will spot “Apple ID” options. Press the writings, and you will be redirected to a pop up menu. Among the choices, you have to choose “view Apple ID” button.

You are then obliged to input your password. f you run into problem, just refer to this manual from here. Touch ID will follow right after, as the authenticating process. After that, you will notice that the Account Settings page is opened. Find the “Payment Information” button and tap on it. Then, your credit card information will be shown, with several headers on top of several sub-options.

Go to the Payment Type header and press “None”. This action will send a command to the system to erase your credit card information.

Double Check the Other Accounts

You might unconsciously activate smart management setting, which will allow the phone to make priorities based on the frequency of your application use. This means, your credit card information might still be saved in Apple Pay settings. Don’t be surprised if your account still pay monthly bill of the qualified purchase.

If you want to remove the credit card information, then go to the setting page. Find the Wallet and Apple Pay bar. And read carefully the credit card number you wrote there. Scroll down to the bottom screen and you will see red button. It is Remove Card button, and once you tap on it, pop up notification will show. To confirm your choice, tap once again on the red button.

Connecting your credit card to your phone exposes your credit card account to irresponsible outsiders. For this reason, you might need to consider removing all bank account information in the phone. Choose one of the tutorials on how to remove credit card from iPhone. The simple steps only take minutes of your time!