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Castle Clash: a furious Castle and its gems


I don’t know what is this game of IGG, producer of games under the philosophy of freemium based in Singapore and has spread quickly to the rest of the developed countries or in growth of Middle East and United States. In fact the producer of the game has several that repeat exactly the same philosophy and compete with each other (such as Clash of Lords 2). And both also compete against the successful Clash of Clans.

But, although I like strategy games where you have to manage a compendium of resources to achieve a number of objectives and overcome other players, on the line from build-manage-attack I’m staying with Castle Clash: furious Castle, which in Spanish server has 1,000,000 + downloads + 350,000 votes with an average of 4.6 out of 5. Not bad.

One of the peculiarities of this game is that there are as many versions as languages with a server for each of them. And already they are 15. It is a curious strategy to break up the flow of the traffic generated by the game but maintaining a single ranking for players, against the traditional settings “by continent”. You downloads of your language and stay isolated in that. This implies some curiosities as that updates will cascade progressive (the first to incorporate them always is the new Castle Clash Hack version, which also has some small features that does not have the rest – as certain heroes-).

Castle Clash business are your gems, which you basically buy time and accelerate to achieve certain objectives, although they are not strictly necessary to do so (but you’ll need time to reach them). Or you are patient or affluent, there is no other alternative. Of course, the own philosophy of monetization of the game is the source of all criticism of the same, which is a good sign, because there is no critical about playability, ability to entertain, graphic design or other basic characteristic.

This philosophy of ranking only think it is what engages players. Know that you are ahead of that almost a million players who are behind. There played the ego and pride, is fed keeping us to some 100,000 or 200,000 players (more or less) in a very active and daily battling, conquering, looting and carrying out missions for more resources that keep us far above possible. It for a few minutes a day keeps you, everything is incidentally, away from reality, away from hints, reviews, the demands of the bi-polaridades own and others ultimately. And that perhaps well worth a few gems.

Another day I will tell you how I came to the page 10, position 91 to 100 of the million players, and as I still stuck there. For now, my vote, 5 star, not for good, but by a drug addiction that has created in me.