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Best and Most Beautiful Bali Beaches to Visit

If you are thinking of going on a summer vacation we recommend you to go to one of Indonesia’s most famous and beautiful Tropical Island called Bali. Not only is the island famous for its culture and art but it is also famous for its beautiful beaches too. We have put together a list of the most beautiful beaches in Bali that you should visit at least once in a lifetime. Explore all of these beaches on your own by renting a scooter or car or even hire your own Bali private driver guide.

Seminyak Beach

Surrounded by world-class resorts, five-star restaurants and plenty of beach bars, the soft and welcoming wave of this beach makes it safe to surf. There is plenty of spots for sunbaking as well. The overall vibe of this beach screams hedonism. If you happen to plan on staying in Bali for a few days, take your time to visit not only Seminyak beach but also all of these other beaches on this list. Private car hire with driver Bali can help you get to each beach faster-using shortcuts and will ultimately save more time and money rather than renting your own car.

Nusa Dua Beach

Not only does this beach is surrounded by various five-star hotels but also you will be greeted by plenty of mesmerizing flowers and plants everywhere. Take a quiet evening stroll by the beach surrounded by tall palm, fragrant trees or wild mangroves and beautiful orchids. You will feel like you are in paradise.

Kuta Beach

Safe to say Kuta beach is the most famous beach in Bali. This beach is perfect for surfers. You can find entertainment every night because there are always people throwing parties and there is a local Hard Rock Café as well.

Suluban Beach

While Kuta beach might not be ideal for swimming, Suluban is just perfect for swimming enthusiast. Walk down the steps at Uluwatu, through caves, and towards the sand and you’ll come face to face with the hidden treasure that’s Suluban beach.

Make your summer break the most memorable one by in Bali by visiting all these cool beaches. Hire your own private tour driver Bali at and get a professional and experienced driver who is ready to recommend all the best places to visit.