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Do Baby Cockroach Fly? What Causes?

If you see cockroaches walking toward you, what do your friends do? Most people would run away, even screaming in terror at the sight of cockroaches.

baby cockroach fly

Especially when seeing a baby cockroach flying, imagine this animal attached to the body alone is terrible.

Actually, what caused the flying cockroaches, huh? Is it to move around? For example, as do a butterfly or dragonfly. Or is there another cause?

Let’s find out!

Fly to a Warmer Place

According to Jules Silverman, an insect scientist and professor at North Carolin State University, the cockroaches are just like any other insect, cold-blooded.

This means that cockroach activity may increase in hot temperatures. This hot air can lure cockroaches to fly.

Cold-blooded creatures usually expect heat from outside (external body) to keep her body warm.

Well, one way is to fly, looking for a warmer place.

When Hot, Cockroaches Gain Energy to Fly

In big cities, cockroaches can easily find their source of food without having to fly.

Thus, cockroaches rarely use their muscles to fly. However, when the temperature is hot, cockroaches seem to get energy to fly around.

Fly Cockroaches Not Harmful

Cockroaches fly for various reasons. For example to find a partner, looking for food, or to escape from its predators.

Actually the ability of cockroaches in terms of flying is not as good as a butterfly, lo. Sometimes cockroaches can flap wings, but more often fly by just gliding.

These flying cockroaches are not dangerous. Only, we are afraid and disturbed if this animal flies.

It is embedded in our minds, that the cockroach is an animal whose life is dirty and disgusting. So it is very natural if we are surprised if there is a flying cockroach, because the shape itself is also very laughable for some people.