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Sample Letter of Agreement

Walk 1, 2007

Mr. Jonas smith


Smitjo and Company

1010 Main Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64105

Dear Mr. Jonas:

The reason for this letter of agreement is to plot the extent of the composition benefits that [FREELANCER NAME] will perform for Smitjo and Company.

Administrations to Be Rendered

[FREELANCER NAME] consents to compose a four-page pamphlet depicting the designing administrations of Smithee and Company. Data for the handout will be given, on an auspicious premise, through existing corporate materials and through meetings with Steve Smitjo and other fitting Smitjo and Company staff.

Smitjo and Company 1) will give all photographs, outlines and different designs to be incorporated into the handout, and 2) is in charge of printing and other creation costs identified with the pamphlet.


Administrations will be performed at the rate of $60 every hour. I gauge that this task will take in the vicinity of 25 and 40 hours and cost amongst $1,500 and $2,400. On the off chance that less than 25 hours are required, Smitjo and Company will be charged just for the genuine hours [FREELANCER NAME] chips away at the venture.

Extra Costs

The evaluated charge laid out above incorporates a first draft and one alter of the four-page handout. Hours for extra alters as well as a more extended handout will be charged at the rate of $60 60 minutes.

All hours in overabundance of the evaluated venture most extreme (40 hours) recorded in the Fee segment must be affirmed in composing by Smitjo and Company.

Course of events

[FREELANCER NAME] will convey a first draft of the pamphlet to Smitjo and Company by Wednesday, March 26. The last altered adaptation (counting printed version and a PC plate in Word) will be conveyed by Monday, April 2, as long as Smitjo and Company staff individuals are accessible on a convenient premise to talk about changes to the first.

Terms of Payment

$750 will be paid to [FREELANCER NAME] inside five days after the marking of this letter of agreement. Smitjo and Company will be charged for the adjust toward the finish of the venture (probably April 2) and installment in full will be expected inside 15 days.


Specialist Name

Specialist Address

City, State and Zip Code

Telephone Number




Johnas Smith

Smitjo and Company