Review DewaBiz, Hosting Indonesia Best and Cheapest

Hosting is one of the important factors in creating a website. Websites created with various tools such as bootstrap or the like can be accessed online without uploading on the hosting service. Some cheap hosting is widely available, also there from Indonesia.

One of the many best hosting service provider sites is which is hosting Indonesia with features not found in other hosting services.

DewaBiz is the best hosting with a large selection of packages, ranging from hosting to websites, dedicated wordpress hosting, domains, as well as email-specific hosting.

I chose DewaBiz because of the advantages and various features that other hosting does not have, among other unlimited disk space which is on the other hosting storage limitations. Even for student packages, everything is even free.

Here are some packages that DewaBiz offers
Lots of domains in DewaBiz with varying prices. More info visit cheap Domain DewaBiz.

For hosting packages, there are 4 packages offered, packages of goods, Personal, Student, and Business. Specifications can be seen in the picture below.

DewaBiz is hosting the best free hosting
For more details about the differences of each package above, see the comparison here.

Also available is a dedicated WordPress hosting, with Personal and Business Package, same specification as above picture. It’s just for hosting this wordpress, once the message is active, your domain and live site live. No installation process Besides also already installed SEO Yoast plugin to optimize SEO articles. More information about WordPress Hosting read here.

There is also a dedicated email hosting with a wide selection of packages,

Mail Pro with the price of Rp. 80.000, – / month, 25GB Disk Space, Business Mail Rp. 120.000, – / month, 50GB Disk Space, Business Mail Pro price Rp. 180.000, – / month Disk Space 100GB, all packages have unlimited email account. More information about Email Hosting can be read here.

The advantages of using email-specific hosting include:

Use email with own business name.
Looks professional.
Safe from email.
Make your brand better known to customers.
Naming is more flexible.
DewaBiz uses DCI Indonesia as the best data center hosting service, a sophisticated and modern Tier-4 Green Data Center in the main Industry Center of Jakarta – Indonesia. DCI is an international standard Tier-4 certified data center & is part of Equinix’s world-leading, high-quality, reliable data provider with 99.999% uptime guarantee. We believe DCI Indonesia is the best choice of data center ix web hosting infrastructure to support your business and website 24/7.

Some of the warranty provided hosting DewaBiz Indonesia include the cheapest price Guarantee, best service, 99.98% uptime server and 30 day warranty.

One of the above guarantees is that I am satisfied is the best support service, where a few months ago I had a mistake in cpanel, because it was not found my fault I support the service directly responded and I, I contacted the support service was midnight (advised some operators telecommunications package provides stay up)

Which is gained The trick is quite a lot of hosting services both from within and outside the country. I entrust my website at DewaBiz, hosting Indonesia with features and specifications are qualified. Some reviews from other users can be seen in Best Hosting and Advisory. So no one if choosing DewaBiz to be the best hosting and cheap hosting class.