Type of housing Contemporary

Another type of housing that similar to modern is contemporary type of housing. The contemporary is exists with the varied, innovative and flexible. The style of

Contemporary is the one that most of the people in the world use this design, wherever it is. Some source mentioned that the contemporary is follow how the design develops. So that, the type of housing contemporary looks likes current style. The varied, innovative and flexible in contemporary not just in its design, but it also applied to the materials and the technology.



The contemporary type of housing is simple, practical and functional. That also influences the color. The color that used in the contemporary type of housing is neutral color that will help the design look clean. The materials that used are also the natural materials such as stone, wood and anything. That’s why the contemporary type of housing is shall creative to create the unique so that the design will be different. The architect that handles the contemporary type of housing should have a lot of innovation in processing the natural materials and the color to get the best look design. The contemporary type of housing is not just applied for the house; some restaurant, villa, and office also have it.

The contemporary type of housing is developing around 1920. At that time, some architects try to make the innovations as respond for the end of the world war. The architects are coming from Bauhaus School of Design, Germany.  The innovations help to push the social and technology changing. For the interior design, most are used the easy stuffs with the neutral colors. The examples of the color for contemporary are cream, white, grey, and another bright neutral color. Maybe some also put black to stabilize the color.