How to personalize your computer

What makes your computer your computer is how you configure it to suit your taste. If you don’t have a computer yet, you would have to buy a good one that meets the specifications you will need on an online or physical store. However, you should first read reviews about shops you want to patronize such as OnBuy reviews to be sure you can trust them before playing your order. Personalizing your computer makes it feel yours, and even stand out from others. Once you have chosen how to manage your computer, you can begin to select your theme, choose your apps, etc. Here are tips for personalizing your computer:

Choose your themes

Computers always come with a default desktop wallpaper but you don’t have to stick to that all through. Right-click anywhere of your computer’s screen and select Personalize. You will see a list of other available backgrounds to choose from. You can opt for pictures as well if you prefer to use pictures as your computer’s wallpaper. If you cant find the theme of your choice in the collection of images and background, you can get more from the Microsoft Store. Most of the themes in the store are free, ranging from nature and animal photography to pop art and sports. Download as many themes as you want; you can also refresh them frequently.

Choose your colours

The colours on your computer screen can affect your mood when you open your computer to do something on it. when you open the colours tab, do not settle for the accent colours but explore more at the bottom of the tab. You can choose between a light and dark theme, depending on what works for you. You can also personalize your lock screen and make it instrumental to your productivity. For instance, you can set your calendar data on the lock screen so that you can always keep your next calendar appointment in mind.

Use a SSD

SSD(Solid State Drive) has transformed into the latest data storage hardware solution compared to HDD(Hard Disk Drives). HDDs are considered to be the weakest link for information between an end-user and a data centre. A SSD has many benefits; it is durable and highly resistant. For instance, if it is dropped on the floor, the SSD might probably not break. Also, the SSD has more speed which means faster booting and application loading times provides a better experience in your online activities. An SSD is also easier to carry since it is mobile-friendly. Besides, the installation is quite simple, all you need is just a screwdriver and the SSD itself

Organize your start menu and taskbar

There are different ways you can launch your apps on the computer. How you organize both solely depends on your preference, but you could use some tips. If you want to quickly access your most-used apps, arrange it in the settings to do that. Also, you can just right-click on an app and pin it to the taskbar. Be careful not to pin too many icons so that you will have space for the active apps. If you want, you can also turn off the taskbar completely and use other options such as People. Take out time to sit with your computer and explore the various options, so that you can personalize it as much as you want.