The Success of Manufacturing Industries with Six Sigma

Six Sigma, which initially started as a management technique but kept on becoming more and more useful with the passage of time. We can find its use in many industries now. Manufacturing industries are also one of them. So here are some success stories in the manufacturing industry to prove this fact to you.


3M is a five-year plan has been proposed at the recent analysts and investors meeting of the 3M company, which would ensure development in the growth and position of the company in the upcoming years, keeping an eye on the objectives set forth by the customers and the financers. Lean Six Sigma is used for its customer service and also serves the purpose of streamlining the supply chain.


It would help not only in avoiding sharp declines despite the weakened global economy but also new Technology and materials being paired up would give rise to new customers by helping create good quality and reliable products.


Site certification was awarded to the Hartford City branch office of 3M by the Indiana department of labor for its Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). The use of the Lean Six Sigma method called Kaizen has fostered analysis of process hazards and other safety measures to help it achieve the occupational injury rate of 40% below the national average.


Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Centre (AMRDEC)

have been seen in the business processes of AMRDEC as after applying Lean Six Sigma, it was able to eliminate waste present in the processes and also fostered cost saving from them. Value Engineering tools are also helpful to meet these goals. They have ensured timely delivery, reduction in administrative burdens, insertion of Technology, and improvement in the reliability, which has contributed to the cost-efficiency of the company.


KishCo Holdings, Inc.

It is the parent company of companies like Kush Energy, Kush Supply Co., Koleto Innovations, and Hybrid Creative. These companies provide many kinds of services and products to various industries related to the regulated CBD and cannabis industry. After the application of Lean Six Sigma strategies, their first Pascal quarter financial report displayed an increase of 186 % in revenue, $25.3 million to be precise. This was almost $20 million more than that of the previous quarterly high. They receive their help in Lean Six Sigma from GoLeanSixSigma, and the consultants from the websites helped them design a sustainable process to maximize their efficiency. 


A new system of improvement in processes was implemented and gave the ability to control the scale of rapid growth to the company. Its main goal is the solidification of the process foundation and making it strong. This can be achieved by the integration of business processes on a daily basis in order to make a hold on the current situations, with undisturbed focus on robust internal potential which is sustainable and providing key insights to internal teams which helps them create new, sustainable, stronger and scalable processes.


General Cable

The company deals with design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of copper, aluminium and fibre optic wire and cable products, which are in huge demand in construction, specialty, Communications, and energy industries. With the help of Lean Six Sigma, it was able to achieve solid improvements in operation and has added 51 new job opportunities in its branch at Jackson.


Adoption has also helped the company to stay competitive in this extremely cynical and price-sensitive industry. As far as situation handling is concerned, its workforce consists of 290 lean technicians 211 green belts, 64 black belts, and six black master belts who possess the knowledge to tackle arising problems. This has helped it drive down the costs by significant points every year.

Not only these, but many other world-leading companies have also benefited from Six Sigma implementation in their manufacturing industries. It is not a particular category-specific manufacturing industry tool, and it is extremely general. It could help in any kind of business manufacturing and managing industry to flourish with ease. It reduces costs, generates employment opportunities, guarantees continuous improvement in processes, increases yearly turnovers of the companies, and many more.

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma has proven fruitful in so many sectors and spheres of business. It could be implemented easily by contacting experts from firms and websites that deal with these management tactics. This could lead your business to new heights and ensure your success.