Top 12 AWS Services List Which Empowering Business to Succeed

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It offers a set of cloud-based products such as storage, databases, networking, mobiles, security etc. These services make organizations have lower IT costs and scale. And also, to make the organization move faster. Amazon Web Services is a cloud service platform which stores all the files on the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere. Currently, the AWS comprises of more than 212 services. It provides customers with a wide range of cloud services. The example of AWS can be S3, DynamoDB. 


Here are the Top 12 AWS Services 


  1. Compute

 The acronym EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) known as instances for the calculating capacity. Changing capacities, sizes meant for particular workloads types and application these dozens of cases classes are offered here. 


  1. Store

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) gives the practitioners with scalability and object storage for the trio data pack as well as for archival and analytics. 5 GB is the room limit. The buckets from the organizing point of view are inside S3. Amazon Elastic Block Store provides block-level storage volume to use EC2. Amazon Glacier is used for long-term cold storage. 


  1. The database, and the data management 

Amazon Aurora is the relational database service of amazon which supplies managerial database and engulfs big names like SQL, MariaDB and abundantly high performing DB. The Amazon DynamoDB also offers a well managed NoSQL. 


  1. Migration, Hybrid Cloud

The applications, database, servers and data onto the public cloud is migrated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS migration hub facilitates the provision of the location to mirror, manage migrations from on-premises to the cloud. To make the hybrid cloud deployments buttery smooth, the biggest e-commerce shares her hands with some third-party technology sellers. 


  1. Networking 

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an admin which has the authority of a virtual network for using solitude part of the Amazon Web Services cloud. AWS automatically provides new resources within a VPC for better protection. A dedicated connection can be built using the AWS Direct Connect from an on-premises data centre.


  1. Development Tools and Application Services 

For managing applications and services, the developer can take advantage of Amazon Web Services to command-line tools and SDKs (Software Development Kits). AWS CLI holds the code interface. By creating, managing monitor custom APIs the Amazon API gateway smoothens the work of developers. 


  1. Management, Monitoring

The AWS config and its rules handle and take care of the cloud resource configuration. This becomes helpful in the cutting of improperly configured and needless expensive cloud resource distributions. 


  1. Security, Governance 

The Access Management (IAM) including AWS, the massive bracket of services for cloud security, allows the practitioner to define and manages user access to the resources. A user directory can also be created with Amazon Cloud Directory. 


  1. Big Data Management, Analytics

For processing a large amount of data and handling it well, the professional has hands-on Amazon Elastic MapReduce who offers a Hadoop framework. At the same time, for processing and analyzing the streaming data, the Amazon Kinesis …

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