How to detect spyware on your computer?

If we talk about one of the worst kinds of viruses that can harm you in different ways, it should be spyware! Spyware is not just like the common viruses that could encrypt your files and corrupt them in different ways. But it is worse than that! Spyware is usually created so that it can spy on the users and record the credentials they use all over the internet. Not only that, but it also tries to steal the user data, identity, essential documents, and much more that can cause serious problems. That is why it is imperative to detect it in your computer and remove it as soon as possible.

Ways to detect spyware on your computer!

You can try and check all the things mentioned below to know if there is spyware on your computer or not!

  • Laggy Browsers

One of the most common signs of having spyware on your computer is that your browsers will start lagging a lot. As spyware usually gets into your browser to collect all the essential data, they slow down the browser during the process. You will feel that your browser is not functioning correctly, and it is lagging more than average. That is where you will have to use TotalAV or any other excellent antivirus service that can remove the spyware from your computer. It is essential to get it removed, or you can also lose your money.

  • Addition of suspicious extensions

Most people add extensions in their browsers to make downloading or any other thing easy to use. But if you see an extension added in your browser that you did not add, it is most probably spyware. The spyware extensions work just like the usual extensions, except they start working as soon as you start your browser. That is why it is better to buy a service or device that can offer you good security features for your privacy. You might have to look out for those services on Suomiarvostelut and see which service is the best in today’s era. You can also search for a new laptop or computer with added security features to help you avoid Spywares at all costs. 

  • Various processes in task manager 

Another great way to check if your computer has spyware or not is to open the task manager and check what background processes are running. If you see some processes that seem challenging to read or do not make any sense, you can try to end them through the task manager. If they are not ending through the task manager, you should check their directory and see an OS program. If not, it is probably spyware or different types of viruses integrated into your PC to steal the data from the whole computer.


If these easy methods do not work for you and you still think there is spyware inside your computer, you will have to buy good antivirus software to detect it and remove it for you. But indeed, it …

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